March at W5


Smoked Salmon . Scrambled Eggs . Rocket . Fennel

A simple classic. The eggs are light and fluffy – complementing the crunchy sourdough and the fennel adds a refreshing zest. This wholesome brunch dish is the perfect meal to pair with a cheeky mimosa.


Baked Eggs . Chorizo . Potato . Tomato . Crème Fraiche

The perfect brunch dish – ideal for a hangover! The deep fried cubed potatoes, sliced chorizo and eggs are mixed together and baked in the oven. It is deliciously heart-warming and the combination of the subtle spiciness of the chorizo and the refreshing crème fraîche along with the gentle scattering of fresh chilli creates a wonderfully satisfying taste sensation. Our Head Chef was inspired by this dish from his time working in Barcelona and advises a Bloody Mary as the perfect accompaniment!


Heritage Beets . Castel Franco . Goat’s Curd

The fresh and crunchy Castel Franco leaf emanates a mild bitterness with sweet undertones that complements the freshness of the beets and the orange segment perfectly. The goat’s curd brings a rich and warming flavour to the dish and the balsamic vinegar brings all the tastes together wonderfully.


Treacle Cured Salmon . Pickled Cucumber . Monk’s Beard

A wonderfully light starter to begin a delicious meal. It is delicious and zesty and the thin, soft slices of the salmon contrast perfectly with the light crunch of the cucumber. The salmon is marinated in black treacle for four days taste and drizzled in a dressing of icing sugar and mimosa which brings a truly spectacular flavour to the dish through the exotic sweetness.


Pan Fried Cod Fillet . Braised Borlotti Beans . Sea Beets

Heart warming and healthy, this fabulous dish is ideal for a leisurely lunch and pairs perfectly with a glass of white wine. The cod is light and fluffy and is served on a bed of black beans which are cooked in red wine, thyme, garlic and tomato – adding a rich flavour with hints of smokiness. The beets bring all the flavours together with a refreshing explosion of zest.


Calf’s liver . Colcannon . Chanterelles

Smooth and full flavoured, this divine winter dish is a ménage of earthy notes and warms you to your core. The mild texture of the liver compliments the light crunch of the chanterelles and it is positively bursting with unusual flavours. The buttery taste, brought out by the colcannon, adds a gentle sweetness to the dish and it is guaranteed to leave you fully satisfied!


Dark Chocolate Mousse . Boozy Cherries

This dessert is pure heaven. The dark, rich mousse, speckled with gentle nuttiness, is complimented exquisitely by the sweet white chocolate shavings which are scattered on top of the dish. The maraschino cherries are marinated Eau de Vie which add small bursts of potent taste explosions. It is truly spectacular, and a must have!


Drop Scones . Fruit Compote

The pan-fried scones are light and fluffy and served with a delicious fruit compote made out of apricot, pear, apple, vanilla, star anise, cinnamon and sugar. It is a wonderful combination of fruity, sweet and refreshing flavours and the crème fraîche adds a gentle sourness to the dish. Drizzled in melted white and dark chocolate, it is wholesome, heavenly and a most luxurious end to a hearty meal.



Jade Sarkhel